Bobby Brown Books

Bobby Brown Books

Someone once said, "We spend the first half of out lives trying to get away from home, the other half trying to get back." I guess that's true in most cases, mine included. Oh, not physically, but in our minds and hearts. We want to go back somehow and relive the times, places, happenings, and people that made our lives something. I try to recount some of the things that have been both important and interesting to me, particularly the "Cotton Mill Hill" days of my youth in my book, Laughin', Livin', & Learnin'.

There will be a few things put on this site that you will hopefully enjoy, and somehow get to know what it was like growing up in the small American cotton mill town of Belmont, North Carolina. If there is something you like about this site and want to share with me, please e-mail me at

You can order author Bobby Brown's books signed from this site.

Available for On-Site Pick-Up at the following Gaston County Locations:

  • Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
  • Belmont Historical Society
  • Belmont's Drug Company(formerly Catawba Pharmacy)
  • Gaston Memorial Hospital Gift Shop

Also Available Online at: